Wild Swimming

Good day friends,

As you know I have been wild sea swimming to help fund The John  Rae Society. www.johnraesociety.com Now, in particular I have a goal got fund the Archaeology there. This has been revealing the hidden secrets of John Rae’s family home, The Hall of Clestrain.  This is said to have been completed in 1769 as a Palladian villa, with is unique in Orkney.

Below is an underground, sneaky picture along the drain we discovered. Under this the great secrets lie, which we hope to uncover this season. {COVID permitting}

Here is a link to an article in the Press and Journal about my Wild Swimming challenge. It has become much more than just a bathe in the sea! It is a great remedy for many ailments. My arthritic knees became completely healed!

Of course, I would be SO pleased if you would donate to our cause. We have raised so much with voluntary donations. We even bought The Hall of Clestrain with events and generous donors. If you can help us, I will be SO HAPPY!

Remember www.johnraesociety.com for contributions.

A huge thank you…. Andrew.