Hello Blog

I keep forgetting to write to you. I’m so sorry. Let me make up for it please?

Yesterday was a triumph in the pottery! Duncan, my Saturday and school holiday lad has worked here for around four years. He’s now become a real asset! {He’d better not read this or he will want paying… }

He lives in Stromness and his family would like one of those Fire~Pit bowls, so he asked if he could make one. We’d just had our annual delivery of clay from Valentines in Stoke~On~Trent. Just three tons instead of four. {I’m meant to be taking things easier.} Among it was Crank Mix as I’m going to make a huge Pond Pot for my daughter Ruth in Fort William. This clay is ideal for what Duncan and family would like..

‘Go and get some Crank Mix. It’s in the blue bags,’

‘How many?’

‘Two.’ We don’t have long conversations.

Here’s what he produced in an afternoon! Duncan can throw quite respectably. His turning is very refined and he makes wonderful turtles for us as well. He’d never done anything like this before, though. I was SO proud of his achievement. When his mum came to pick him up, she was staggered, and rightly so.

It does resemble one of my Orcadian Neolithic Unsatn bowls, which is understandable. They probably had a similar use. Also one is influenced by what one sees on a daily basis, as Duncan is. I’m tempted now to do some in this clay as well. I’ve run really short of my French clay thatI dig in The Lot, so I need something to continue with.

Hooraye for Duncan!

On a slightly different subject, Sigrid and I went for our Sunday morning walk. There should always be a reason for a walk, and foraging is an excellent one. We love blewits. They are a wild fungus, which can look like liver on the surface, but are a splendid blue underneath. A good friend of ours has some rather large lawns. Last time I went there, I found a vast quantity of these scarce treasures. It is part of my family history and custom to hunt them down as Winter approaches. Today we returned. There, growing from the springy grass were lots. It is always exciting to pick a blewit or twenty three. We have actually had countless blewits this year. It is an exceptional season.

We had ones fried with bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and that finished our supply off! Hence the emergency outing… But read on **********

One of the even greater rarity in the fungi world is  P A R T R I D G E  M U S H R O O M S !! Just before the Ring of Brodgar, what did we spy in a sheep field? A whacker of one. No camera with me, I propped it in our long willow bed, hoping some spoors would drop, and took the following picture.

But the tale continues :- The first thing I ever made in clay was a mushroom! I was only three at the time and Peggy Foy, my Pottery Mother, fired it for me along with nightlights she was making for Prince Charles and Princess Anne. They must feel very honoured, and no wonder Charles did Pottery ‘A’ level. Sadly, my artwork was stolen from a craft exhibition. That doesn’t stop me though. We are still making them and I taught Duncan to do them as well. So here they are below.

Hoping you enjoyed my latest blog. 

Andrew, the Real Harray Potter.