Bantam egg cup deliverers.

This was a lovely job to do for Ruth. It’s super virtually meeting her bantams.

We used to have chickens when I was a child. They gave us enormous pleasure and wonderful eggs. We had  only one bantam called Banty. I still have her last egg in a huge 18th Century Chinese porcelain ginger jar. I will take a photo of it and post it on FB and my Blog. 

The dark sensuous rim is copper oxide on my Island Green glaze. I was very pleased with it.

Here is the very Ginger Jar! It is a family heirloom and is about to be handed down. See inside. There is Banty’s final egg. Also her little leg, which we’d caress as she perched at night. With them are Bucky’s ears. He was my brother Malcolm’s Belgian Hare. Bucky used to kill rats. The vermin would bite the ends of his lop ears. He would then violently shake his head from side to side and thrash the rats to death. His ears ended up like blooded lace!

You can read all about Bucky, Banty and other strange Appleby stories in ‘Now And Then Notes’ from my Skara book website. This is a collection of essays and letters that my wife, Sigrid and I wrote for ‘Living Orkney’ They really are great tales, amusing, thought provoking, poignant and memorable. One theme of the book is Natural Cures. The first one, which mentions Margaret Thatcher, is set in Grantham. It is a cold cure using salt water gargle and sniffing through thy nostrils. It works extremely well and has been an Appleby family remedy for generations.

Now we have the threat of COVID 19, I do this first thing in the morning an last at night. The only difference is, I add Orkney Craft Sugar Kelp Vinegar to my saline solution. That fairly improves the taste, but even more, it gives greater protection. I believe that if you are stricken with COVID, this routine will kill the virus in the mouth, throat and nasal passages. This should prevent it entering the lungs where it does the real harm to us. When you are used to sniffing it, it becomes so simple.

There’s another great remedy for Hay Fever. Perhaps that will be in a future blog?  NO!   I will tell you now….. If you are suffering with Hay Fever, chew five chive flowers. Breathe in deeply and hold that breath in your lungs: Then exhale slowly through your nose. Breathe in deeply again and exhale, but pinching your nostrils shut, forcing the chive vapours into your sinuses. This will begin to clear sinus problems immediately. I’m using one of my Sage Grey straight mugs for this. It seem to suit very well.

Isn’t it strange how an order for bantam egg cups and saucers can turn into this. Life’s like that.