Andrew Appleby’s John Rae Challenge

John Rae, our own Orcadian Arctic Explorer, achieved so much, yet he is still not properly recognised. This will happen and my challenge may help to do just this.

John Rae walked 3,645 miles in sometimes terrible Arctic conditions. I intend to complete my wild swimming challenge of one stroke per mile that he strode. This might not seem a huge feat, but so much of it will be done in the autumn and oncoming winter time.

I can’t do it all at once. I’m a rather asthmatic, a weak swimmer and getting on a bit: However, I’m determined to do it.

This will mean so much to The John Rae Society. You can have fun funding and following my progress. You can sponsor me through our GOFUNDME page on our website,  Or, if you’d prefer, send a cheque made out to The John Rae Society to Andrew Appleby, Harray Potter Ltd, Fursbreck Pottery, Harray, Orkney. KW17 2JR.

I am aiming to swim at several locations in Orkney. If you’d like to contact me personally about this, my email is and phone number 01856 771 419.

Wish me luck!!